Hey there friends! Test experiment #3 in the Ninja Foodi. Today I am sharing how to bake a cake in the Ninja Foodi.

I chose a red velvet cake because that is my hubsters favorite. The only thing missing was the cream cheese frosting. Because I added chocolate chips I decided to skip the cream cheese and just add a simple whip cream topping. Believe me, there were no complaints. In less than 24 hours between my son and husband the cake was devoured. I take myself out of the equation, because I literally had a sliver just to taste test it. Clearly a winner.

how to bake a cake in the Ninja Foodi

Because I have been experimenting, there are barely any photos to share.

I did however, make a video of the step by step.  I cheat often and use box cake mixes. Duncan Hines are always my favorite. They never fail me.


The method I used can be used with any cake mix. I would recommend a Bundt pan in the Ninja Foodi for baking cakes. You can find all our recipes using a 7′ Springform/bundt pan HERE.

If you use a solid pan, they recommend you using the inner basket insert for baking. Because they are solid and dense. The feature of love most about the Foodi is that we can change up our methods of cooking, baking, pressure cooking, roasting, steaming, and some models even have a dehydrator method. My husband wants to try his hand at some beef or turkey jerky. I can’t wait.


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Feel free to join my NINJA foodi group here. Lots of action, tips and tricks to learn!


I have no doubt this holiday season the Ninja’s will be flying off the shelves. Hope you enjoy my video and I hope to see you back again.

Pin it, make it, enjoy~

How to bake a cake in the Ninja Foodi

How to bake a cake in the Ninja Foodi


  • 1 15.oz Duncan Hines Cake mix
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips


  • Mix box cake according to directions and add chocolate chip morsels to the mix. I like to hand mix my cakes. Especially if using on the Pressure Cooker method. Prepare a 7′ Springform/bundt pan with non-stick butter spray. Wrap foil around outer bottom of pan in case of any over flow. Any over flow will go in the pot regardless.
    Fill pan with prepared cake mix. You may want to leave enough out for a few cupcakes if you think it is too high. I used the entire mix, but that is why I had a tad of overflow. Place cake on a trivet. Set Ninja Foodi at 350 degrees for 25 minutes on Bake option.
    Check mid way through to see what is happening in that magic pot. You can always dial down or up your temperature. Check with a toothpick when done. Remove cake and let cool before inverting onto plate. Frost with cream cheese, or whip cream. ENJOY


Baking cakes using a bundt pan typically ensures a more even cook in the center.
Always check cakes before completely removing from pan. Remember while cooling, your cake is still setting.

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