I love to impress people with making sushi at home, but sushi rice is difficult to get right and if you do get it right, it’s annoying to work with. Going out for sushi, in my opinion, is always worth the price. Add to that cutting carbs and the rice just becomes a no-go all around. Don’t fret! You can still have sushi and keep your keto numbers – make these sushi rolls instead! There’s no actual cooking in these, just assembly, so let’s get to making some keto sushi rolls!

You’re going to have leftover Imitation crab, here’s a recipe to use the rest of the package! Make Chef Eric’s Bootleg Crab Cakes with Sriracha Tartar Sauce. YUM!


You can add to or take away from this list, anything you want. These are just the ingredients I used.

  • Smoked salmon
  • cream cheese
  • imitation crab (stick style, not chunks)
  • cucumber
  • green onion
  • avocado

Other Ideas (some of which are not keto):

  • tofu
  • goat cheese
  • white or black sesame seeds
  • mango
  • grilled beef (teriyaki flavored, YUM!)
  • cooked/seasoned chicken
  • shrimp
  • asparagus
  • seasoned panko

I just had an amazing idea! You could take Teriyaki Glazed Meatballs made in the air fryer the way Chef Eric showed us, and slice that to put in a sushi roll with green onion and avocado. I think I have to try this soon.

Patience is Key

The first thing you have to do is be patient and careful. When you start peeling the salmon away from the packaging and the other meat, it wants to stay together or tear. Just be careful as you separate it as you want it to be as intact as possible to make your sheet of ‘nori’.

Place the salmon on plastic wrap, top side down. take another ‘sheet’ of salmon and place it overlapping just half an inch or so over the previous piece as shown below. Once I had a sheet about 8 inches by 8 inches, I found that I could fill it and get a good-sized sushi roll out of it.

Now you can add your fillings of choice. Don’t get it too full, but you can fill it a bit more than you might think. See my photo below for about how full you can make them. In honestly I could have added a few more bits of imitation crab and still been okay.

Another thing I learned from practice is that if you use cream cheese, a block of cheese is better than the tub. I had the spread kind and I could have spread it on the fish before adding other ingredients. I used the imitation crab to get the cream cheese off the spoon, which worked well. Using a knife instead of a spoon would be smart too.

The next step is to use the plastic wrap to roll the salmon. Be careful not to roll the plastic wrap into the roll.

Start cutting your roll in the center, then cut about an inch to an inch and a half wide going out towards the ends.

Carefully pull back the plastic wrap and make them look impressive on a plate! That’s it. Serve with

Keto Sushi Rolls – No Cooking Required!

two photos in a composition image for use on pinterest to feature our keto sushi recipe
a photo showing the full plate of rolled keto sushi with decorative hoisan sauce on the edge of the plate.

Keto Sushi Rolls

Cooked rolls of sushi with no rice, great for sticking to your keto diet! Did I mention they are really fast to cook and require no heat?? All the sushi yummy without all the hassle and carbs, Let's GO!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Appetizer, Dinner
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 2


  • Plastic Wrap
  • very sharp knife
  • Cutting Board


  • 2 packs smoked salmon the cut thinly packs
  • 1 8oz cream cheese (in a block)
  • 1 bundle green onions
  • 1 pk "leg style" imitation crab
  • 1 lg avocado


  • Pull the plastic wrap out over the cutting board, carefully separate the slices of smoked fish. Lay them "top-side-down" on the plastic wrap. Overlap the next slice by about an inch. Do this once more, or until your 'sheet' of smoked salmon is about as long as it is wide. (mine looked like a 12inch by 12inch square.)
    2 packs smoked salmon
  • In the first 4inches of salmon place cream cheese, avocado, and imitation crab. Green onions are optional.
    1 8oz cream cheese (in a block), 1 pk "leg style" imitation crab, 1 lg avocado, 1 bundle green onions
    Three slices of smoked salmon layed out on plastic wrap to form the sheet for rolling sushi
  • Using the plastic wrap, lift the smoked salmon and begin to roll it over the fillings. Lift the plastic wrap away from the overlap, and continue to lift the plastic wrap to roll more of the salmon over creating the sushi roll.
    a photo showing about how much filling should be on your salmon before rolling.
  • Once you reach the end of the salmon, it's completely rolled, Leave the plastic wrap over the salmon.
    photo showing a single layer of plastic wrap over the rolled sushi, ready to be cut
  • With a very sharp knife, delicately cut through the salmon. You can not apply pressure! Your knife must be sharp enough to cut through the roll while adding as little pressure as possible. Cut through the center of the roll then work your way out to the ends cutting about 1inch to half-inch wide slices.
    photo shows about how thick to cut your sushi pieces
  • Arrange them on a plate like a pro and impress! The secret is to stand the end pieces on their cut side. They look like flower sculptures with the extra stuff sticking out a little. 😉
    a photo showing the full plate of rolled keto sushi with decorative hoisan sauce on the edge of the plate.

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