All you need is a slow cooker, and some leftover yogurt, to make your own crockpot yogurt. In this blog, I’m gonna tell you exactly how I did it. It is so easy you may not even believe me. You just have to try it yourself. I’m telling you, it’s so easy to do, you’ll save so much money making your own yogurt at home.

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It All Starts with Milk

First, you want to choose high-quality milk. I decided to go with organic, pasture-raised, whole milk. I read that if you use full fat and grass-fed milk you get the added benefit of vitamin K2 which is known for helping protein that transports calcium build-up out of arteries and into the bones where it belongs. It’s believed to help prevent calcification of arteries while boosting bone health. I’ll link to the studies at the end of the blog. If you use low-fat and grain-fed milk, you’ll miss out on vitamin K2 and this calcium transporting benefit. In my case, I had to look in more than one store. When I went to my grocery store, I couldn’t find a carton that said grass-fed and not grain-fed cows’ milk.

Just because they say pasture-raised, does not mean they did not feed them mostly grain. My store is very small, so I did not have an option that said it in writing. But I happened to walk by the milk fridges at my Walmart and I spotted this milk. So now I know where to go to get my “yogurt milk” If you have this option, Organic Valley Grassmilk Organic Whole Milk, you may want to take a moment to consider the added benefit of grass-fed over another option and choose to spend a dollar more for the added benefits. Another thing, you want full fat. K2 is a vitamin that is fat-soluble. If your milk is low fat, your body will not absorb the vitamin as it needs the fat for transport and to be used effectively.

You Need Yogurt to Make Yogurt

The only other ingredient is some yogurt from your previous batch or if this is your first batch, some leftover from your store-bought stuff. In my case, I bought a single serving of Fage Total 2% (because I can’t find “whole milk” made. This is better than the 0% remember, we want the fat) The yogurt in the milk will ferment and add probiotic cultures to our new batch. It’s okay to save a cup of the yogurt we made to continue to make new batches. Every time you ferment, you get new healthy cultures. You can buy yogurt culture or probiotic meant to start your own yogurt from the store, but it’s the same thing and costs a little more. This way is the same quality and saves you money.

image of adding milk to a slow cooker to start making your own yogurt
a little water may separate from the milk once it’s heated for 2.5 hours

The Process Takes Time, But Not Much Effort

You’ll want to start making your yogurt at least one full day before you need it. You’ll understand why as we go through the process… There’s a lot of waiting.

With the crockpot/slow cooker off, add a half-gallon of milk. Place the lid and turn on the slow cooker to low for two and a half hours. Once the time is up, turn the slow cooker off and allow it to cool for three hours. Yep, we are up to five hours now. While the milk is cooling, set out the yogurt that you are going to add to the milk. This will work better if the yogurt is at the same temperature as the milk when you mix them together. You need only one-half of a cup of yogurt to start. I used Fage Greek Yogurt to keep my sugar content down as much as possible.

a photo of the warm milk in the slow cooker ready for the yogurt to be added.
Let it sit and cool with the lid on. With yogurt out coming to room temperature, as well


an image of a towel covering a slow cooker after the heat has been turned off so it can set
Yogurt added to milk and covered with a towel. Now we wait 12-18 hours

Let the fun begin! Add the yogurt to the milk and whisk it or stir with a fork really well. And that’s it. Now you have to wait 12 to 18 hours. When I did this, mine sat overnight, I started the process about mid-morning. And that’s it. The longer it sits the less lactose you will have left in the milk. The less lactose will also mean it’s more sour than if cooled sooner. I also found that mine thickened up more after being in a mason jar for another 24 hours.

an animated image of a spoon through the yogurt to show it's consistency

If you want your yogurt to be thicker, you will need to purchase a strainer meant for yogurt or use a coffee filter or cheese clothe method of straining out the excess water. I will do this in the future since I like greek style thick yogurt.

Keep in mind that this crockpot yogurt will only last a few weeks in the fridge, so enjoy it often!

making your own yogurt in the slow cooker recipe image
making your own yogurt in the slow cooker recipe image

Make Your Own Crockpot Yogurt

Course Breakfast
Servings 3 Mason Jars


  • Crock Pot/Slow cooker
  • Measuring Cup


  • 1/2 gallon milk
  • 1 cup yogurt


  • Pour your milk into the slow cooker. Place the lid. Turn the slow cooker on to the low setting and heat for 2.5 hours.
  • Once heated, unplug the slow cooker and allow it to sit for 3 hours. Remove the cup of yogurt you plan to use from the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature as the milk is cooling.
  • After the three hours, add the room temperature yogurt to your cooled-down milk. Stir it to combine all the yogurt. You do not want lumps. Replace the cover and wrap it in a towel or sit in a dark place where it will stay at room temperature. Let it set for 12 to 18 hours.

Crockpot Yogurt

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