I miss summer cookouts. It’s so dang hot. I’m certainly not interested in going outside in 98-degree heat with 95% humidity and standing next to a 500-degree grill. Nope! I’m having a cook-in this summer. The 4th is coming and I plan to eat like a king! My Ninja Foodi Indoor grill is gonna get me there. These grilled BLT burgers are the perfect thing, the trick is mixing bacon bits into the ground beef, for a bacon-in-every-bite burger utopia.

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Let’s get cookin’!


  • 1 1/2 pounds of ground chuck
  • 3 1/2 oz package of real bacon bits
  • 2 plum tomatoes sliced thin
  • shredded iceberg lettuce
  • Martins potato rolls (except no substitute)
  • mayonnaise
  • deli-style American cheese
A picture of ingredients needed for the blt burger recipe including raw ground chuck, bacon bits, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and potato rolls.

Setting Up

Having everything ready before the burgers hit the grill is key. Once that meat is sizzling, everything is going to happen too fast to get something done while they cook. You literally have 2 minutes till they are done.

Get your tomato sliced, and lettuce shredded, and cheese on standby cause you gotta have those for grilled BLT burgers.

Next, let’s get our ground beef into a large mixing bowl. You need to break the grind up as you add it to the bowl. This will make it possible to incorporate the bacon without overworking the beef. Trust me if we work this meat too much we will be serving unpleasantly dense burgers.

Once the beef is added and broken up – add the bacon, fold the bacon in gently, you can use your hands, or even a pair of forks will do nicely. Remember: try not to compress the meat at all till the bacon is thoroughly incorporated.

At this point, it would be smart to preheat the grill to 500 degrees.

Makin’ Patties

I used an Ice cream scoop to get relatively even portions for my patties. They weren’t perfect but they averaged 2.5 oz. You should get 10 total portions, if you come up short on the last one, pinch a bit of meat off of the other portions to make up the difference.

Ground chuck rolled into balls being prepared to be turned into patties.

Don’t worry too much about the weight of each ball of meat. The important thing is to get them to an even thickness.

Start by lining a baking sheet or cutting board with plastic wrap. This will help us get the patties off without breaking them.

Next, take a sheet of plastic wrap about 2 feet long place a burger portion on one end, and fold over the other end. Now you can mash that meat down into a patty barely more than 1/4 inch thick.

As you finish the patties place them on the on the plastic lined sheet pan or cutting board.

Burger Time!!!!

Ok, our toppings are ready, patties are set, cheese, and mayo are on standby. What else? Buns! Let’s toast those first. Toss em right in the grill. 20-30 seconds is all they will need.

I intend to make 5 doubles out of the 10 patties. My grill is big enough to hold 4 patties at once so that will be my batch size, but you should be able to toast all 5 buns at once.

Its time to go for it! We are 2 minutes away from burger bliss. Let’s go!

Place your patties carefully in the grill, be careful that sucker is 500 degrees. They need to cook for a minute(1) and 30 seconds on the first side, then flip them give them 30 more seconds. That’s it! I told you it was gonna happen fast.

Next, place a slice of cheese on each patty and close the lid for like 10 seconds

Four ground chuck beef patties being cooked in the Ninja Foodi Grill.

Building a Perfect Burger

I tried this burger in many ways. My conclusion was that too many condiments, or secret sauce, and pickles, or whatever totally masked the flavor of bacon. The whole point is BACON! After many variations, I landed on the BLT style. Mmm grilled BLT burgers.

A freshly grilled blt burger being topped with lettuce and tomato.

Just mayo, lettuce, and tomato were the perfect combo. At least for me. If you want to hold the garden, that’s fine. You do you boo. However, you decide to dress your buns I hope you love this burger as much as I did.

Till next time, stay cool out there. – Chef Eric

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A recipe card graphic for the BLT Burgers showing two different photos of the burgers with a border separating them in the center.

Ninja Foodi Grilled BLT Burgers

Chef Eric
Beat the heat and grill indoors this summer. Bacon mixed into the beef makes this unique burger a hit.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Course burgers, Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine American
Servings 5 burgers


  • Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • ice cream scoop
  • Spatula
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Large Mixing Bowl


  • 1.5 pounds ground chuck
  • 3.5 oz real bacon bits
  • 2 plum tomato's sliced thin
  • ice berg lettuce shredded as much as you will want for 5 burgers
  • 5 Martins potato rolls
  • 10 slices deli style American cheese


  • Prepare you tomato's and lettuce first having everything ready before the burgers start sizzling is critical.
  • Add ground chuck to large mixing bowl, breaking up the grind as you go. This will make mixing in the bacon bits easier.
  • Add bacon to ground chuck and fold together taking care not to compress the meat
  • Portion using a 2.5 oz ice cream scoop. You should get 10 portions
  • place a 2 foot sheet plastic wrap on counter top. place a burger portion at one end and fold the other end over so the meat is enveloped in plastic. Press into a thin patty approximately 1/4 inch thick.
  • pre heat grill to 500 degrees
  • once preheated toast the buns for 30 seconds
  • working in batches, place burger patties in the grill and cook for 1 minute 30 seconds on the first side
  • flip each burger and cook on second side for 30 seconds
  • add a slice of cheese to each patty, and close lid for 10 seconds to melt
  • add mayo to both sides of a toasted bun, then place 2 patties, and top with shredded lettuce, and tomato slices.
  • enjoy!


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