Hello there friends! Today I am sharing all thing Ginger recipes in the Instant Pot. Ginger has a long history of health benefits. We can all recall being a kid with the stomach bug and the first thing our Mom’s would give us was ginger ale to drink. I love all things ginger. It is one of those tastes you either love it or hate it.

I love it so much I even have mini bags of ginger candies on hand just in case I want something sweet or have a little upset stomach. I also keep a bag in the car for long car rides. Our younger son tends to get car sick and this helps out a lot.

Ginger can be used, fresh, dried, in juice, or  as an oil. Ginger is a popular spice and is a powerful substance for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Now onto some awesome recipes containing ginger. Some will be sweet, and some will be spicy:)

All things Ginger recipes in the Instant Pot

This amazing soup also has carrots in it. Find Ginger carrot soup 

This next recipe looks and sounds amazing. Something even kids would enjoy.

Ginger drumsticks in the Instant Pot

If you are more into a hearty based soup with a little kick to it, this curried lentil soup looks like the right choice.

Instant Pot curried Lentil soup recipe

This next recipe by Amy and Jacky I know is tried and true. They are the true Instant Pot food testers and have whipped up many fantastic, authentic dishes.

True Japanese dish. You can find Ginger pork Shogayaki recipe

And what would a ginger post be without Asian dumplings? These make the perfect sense in the pressure cooker. Amazingly delicious.

Find Asian Dumpling recipe

Homemade ginger ale in the Instant Pot! WOW, does that look refreshing and so healthy for you?

How to make homemade ginger-ale in the Instant pot

Let’s face it Ginger and lemon just go together like peanut butter and jelly  🙂
How about a Lemon ginger cheesecake next?

Lemon ginger cheesecake recipe

Delicious ginger cake recipe

I made my cake the lazy way with a traditional yellow box cake. It was all about doctoring it up.

This Betty Crocker mix is delicious. I always buy it this time of year. We can definitely whip this up in the Instant pot and add a little whip cream on top. Heck, even a little vanilla ice cream. In fact, I just made one for our Bunco group last week. It was gone in no time at all. I didn’t even get a piece:(

Enjoy! Hope to see you back again.

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All things Ginger recipes in the Instant Pot

All things Ginger recipes in the Instant Pot


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