An Ultimate gift guide for Foodi enthusiasts! So you’re a Foodi lover or know a Foodi lover. Now when we say Foodi lover, I don’t only mean the Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Ninja Foodi, or the Ninja Foodi grill lover. We literally mean Foodi lover.

Of course, we love our Foodi’s, Instant Pots, Air Fryers, and even the Mealthy Crisp lid. However, being a true foodi lover means diversity in the kitchen. Personally speaking, we don’t only use our modern-day small kitchen appliances. There is nothing like a fall, or winter day when you can use your dutch ovens, a nice casserole dish, or roasting pans. We have it all, and truly it’s nice to have choices and a little bit of this and that. NO true cooking enthusiasts are limited to just one. The sky is the limit.

Ultimate accessory gift guide for foodi enthusiasts.

Whether you are seeking gifts for your Mom, sister, brother, lover, or friend, we here at Home Pressure Cooking have chosen and used only the very best.

Ultimate gift guide for Foodi enthusiasts

It may be a shower, wedding, or special birthday you are seeking just the right kitchen gadget, pot, or utensils. Every new bride especially needs and wants them all. When Mr. and I first were married, I did everything I could in the kitchen to impress. Truthfully, it didn’t take much. Mr.’s Mom wasn’t much of a cook in the kitchen, and he doesn’t have that many fond memories of anything homemade. Please, please, please I hope she doesn’t read this blog. Chances are she doesn’t. I would never want to slight her feelings. We do love her dearly.

So let’s get to it!

If you are looking for Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or Foodi grill gadgets, we will start there.

For the Ninja Foodi, this custom-made cover for the Foodi is a must-have. Because the Ninja Foodi has TWO lids, this beautifully designed cover has a secret compartment for the lid and manual. Bamboo Spurtles are a must-have no matter what kitchen you are cooking in. Safe on ceramic, and handy dandy for mixing up some cakes, stirring soups, tossing salads, and more. You can read all about Spurtles and history HERE.

The 3 cup flower pan is simply adorable. Make cakes, omelets, cornbread, monkey bread, and more. However, if you are looking to go big, or go home, this pan isn’t that. It will make a perfect serving of 4 and as well look beautiful.

Deluxe bakeware set, includes charcuterie, 7-inch tart pan, loaf pan, and cutter. Make pizza, pies, quiche and more. Bonus loaf pan, for banana bread, Martha White mixes, in which two mixes will do, mini meatloaf, pound cakes, etc. Recipes made using the deluxe set here. Safe for oven, Air Fryer, Foodi grill, and pressure cooker.

Moving along to basic oven cook and bakeware. We absolutely love our dutch oven. It’s a bit heavy but well worth its weight in gold. Amazing stews, roasts, chilis, and more can be made and served right from the pot. It’s easy cleanup, and amazingly delicious meals can be made. There are several brands, colors, and sizes to choose from. You be the judge as to what will suit you or the gift recipient.

If you know a meatloaf lover, there is nothing better than having a fabulous go-to meatloaf pan. Our family happens to be meatloaf lovers. Yes, you can even make meatloaf in the Instant Pot HERE. Make mini meatloaves or mega meatloaf. Nothing is better than meatloaf in the oven.

Every cook needs to have a lasagna pan. Yep, lasagna in the Instant Pot is super delicious and easy. Find our Lasagna recipe HERE. Of course, your servings are hearty, but limited in the Pressure Cooker. If you are hosting a dinner or lunch, your best option is the oven method.

Every home chef, needs an apron! So many wonderful options. You want quality, cute and functional! There are choices and many great ones. Here are some of our favorites.

For every season and for every reason, cooking with cast iron has been around since almost the beginning of time. There are many health benefits and reasons to use cast iron. You even have options for use with your Ninja Foodi grill or Ninja Foodi pressure cooker. Find cooking with cast iron in your Ninja Foodi here

We think our Ultimate gift guide for Foodi enthusiasts can go on and on. We will leave just a few more basics and have you on your merry way. Can’t forget your spices and mitts. Don’t want bland food, nor to burn your hands.

Nothing could be worse in a kitchen than a set of dull knives. Everyone needs a good set on hand at all times. They last forever with proper care and an add blade sharpener will keep them cutting and chopping up for years.

A good set of pots and pans are always a joy to use. We actually have the pretty Rachel Ray set and have it easily on hand hung on our pot rack over the island. The set is decent for the price point and pretty to look at when in use cooking. If ceramic is more to your liking, the Cuisinart is a great choice, along with their stainless steel set which is highly rated.

Last on our picks is a good set of dinnerware. Oh, how I love the Rooster set. We have had a lot of dishes, throughout the years. Some fancy, some fine, and some simply basic every day.

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