When we tell you this is a true Dump and Start Chicken Recipe in the Pressure Cooker, you will be blown away. This recipe was inspired by our vintage recipe box we scored at a Garage sale.

We made the Swiss Steak you can find HERE. It was so delicious I was excited to choose another oldie but goodie. This recipe is actually called Trash Chicken. I never heard of such a thing. Perhaps that is what they called dump recipes back in the day. Dump sounds better than trash, I suppose.

Dump chicken recipe in the pressure Cooker


I tweaked the recipe a tad to our liking. I didn’t want to use the seafood seasoning that the recipe called for. In lieu, we used Sazon Goya seasoning (Cilantro & Tomato). You can find this seasoning in the spice section. There are a few varieties to choose from. Keep in mind you can use any seasoning you like for this recipe. If you want to use Old Bay, Onion Soup, Vegetable stock, etc.

Once you try the Sazon Goya seasonings you will want to have them on hand often. They are fantastic for soups, stews, veggies, and rice.

NOTE: If you can’t find the Goya seasoning, you can make your own with a little tomato paste, cilantro, lemon, salt, and pepper. You can get creative with the base being tomato paste. (Just be sure to mix it in water first.

Dump chicken using Sazon Goya seasoning

Once everything is dumped in the pot, you pour the seasoning mixed with one cup of water to the pot. Press start, and Go.

Ninja Foodi Dump Chicken recipe

The only seasoning I used aside from the Goya was dried Cilantro. You can use fresh if you choose. The dry was just fine and really tasted amazing.

Dump and Start Chicken Recipe in the Pressure Cooker

Dump Chicken in the Ninja Foodi

If you want to serve this recipe as a soup, you can do so, but doubling the Sazon Goya seasoning and water. If not, you still have plenty of juices to drizzle over the meal.

You may also enjoy our recent>>> Chicken stew recipe with a tomato base sauce HERE

Dump Chicken recipe in the Pressure Cooker

Course Dinner
Cuisine American, Southern


  • 10 medium size red potatoes
  • 1 bundle whole carrots
  • 1.5 lbs Chicken Breast
  • 1 package Hillshire Polish Sausage Cut links into 3 inch lengths.
  • 1 Whole large Yellow onion
  • mini corn on the cob optional if you have the larger pot
  • 1 packet of Sazon Goya Cilantro Tomato seasoning NOTE: If you can't find the Goya seasoning, you can make your own with a little tomato paste, cilantro, lemon, salt, and pepper. You can get creative with the base being tomato paste. (Just be sure to mix it in water first.
  • 1 15.5 oz. Can of Rotel with green chilis May use fresh grape tomtoes in lieu and a can of green chilis.
  • Cilantro flakes
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • First clean, pat dry chicken and season both sides with dried cilantro
  • Set inside pot on the bottom. Next add sausage. Next add potatoes, carrots, onion, pour Goya seasoning (seasoning is mixed with one cup of water) and can of Rotel juice and all over entire meal.
  • Set pot on High Pressure 15 minutes. Keep in mind it will take about 15 minutes to build pressure before it starts counting down.
  • Let natural release for 10 minutes and then do a quick release. Be careful when opening lid. Ready to serve as a soup, or as a full meal on your plate with the juice poured on top. ENJOY!
    Season with salt and pepper to taste


All vegetables should be whole when placed in the pot. Do not CUT, do not poke. WHOLE:) only for this recipe

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