Hello there, it’s Rhonda here with another recipe to share. Ninja Foodi Linguine and Shrimp.

Shrimp and scallops happened to be on sale this week, so I asked my weekly meal friend if he wanted to do seafood or lamb chops this week and we could not decide after changing our minds five times or so.

Ninja Foodi Linguine and Shrimp

Ninja Foodi Linguine and Shrimp

Finally, somehow a last minute decision happened and I decided on the shrimp and scallops. Now the fun part, I asked myself what the heck am I going to do with them? I had all sorts of ideas that I have done before but I wanted to do something different.

So that is when linguine came to mind, that always goes well with seafood. Now what to do with it? I happened to buy this mushroom Alfredo sauce that is so good, but I never ended up using because the flavors of what I ended up doing were so darn delicious, it did not need any additional sauce. I’ll save that for another time and recipe.

I basically put all the ingredients in the pot (minus the seafood) and Pressure cooked it for 8 min.

I then put the linguine in first (after I broke it to fit in the pot). Be sure to always fan your pasta. I then poured the liquid in and added sliced mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and garlic.

Next time I would reverse the step and add the liquid first to the pot, then the pasta. I have to tell you some of the linguine stuck together after it was pressure cooked. I was pulling pieces apart like string cheese. And they were not quite all the way done. I kept mixing them and pulling the clumps apart and it finally got better. So you might want to add a couple more minutes than what I did, and as mentioned add the liquid first:)

I was jamming out to some music as I was preparing this meal, and dancing around the kitchen throwing each ingredient in the pot. You can add this part to your recipe too J . I enjoy cooking to my favorite music!

Once the noodles were done, I cooked the shrimp separately in a spring form pan and Air fried to give that little extra texture.

Next, I put the pan on the meat rack. I added my spices, butter and Air Fried setting, being sure to give them a turn every five minute or so. The scallops are so tender that they tend to break apart the more you touch them. Be gentle. I hope you give this Ninja Foodi Linguine and shrimp a try. It was delicious and a lot easier than it may sound. I have no doubt you can do it with success.

Ninja Foodi Linguine and Shrimp

Ninja Foodi Linguine and Shrimp

Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian, Mediterranean


  • 8 oz. Baby Spinach leaves divided half
  • 1 cup Sun dried tomatoes Rinsed and patted dry
  • 6 garlic clovers
  • 8 oz. Sliced mushrooms
  • 1 lb Linguine (uncooked)
  • 4 cups Chicken stock
  • 1 cup White cooking wine (mine had lemon in it)
  • 4 oz. Parmesan cheese
  • Garlic, herb, black pepper and sea salt
  • Himalayan pink salt, Garlic, and
    onion (approx 5 dashes to each step in pot recipe.
  • 1/2 stick Butter
  • 1 lb. scallops
  • 2 lbs Shrimp cleaned and de veined. May use frozen


  • FIRST INSTRUCTIONS FOR POT: Put all the ingredients into the pot except half the spinach and parm
    (save those for later)
    Pressure Cook on Hi for 8 Min (you may want to add a couple minutes to this (as
    stated above)
    Then Naturally Release for 10 min (you can add to this time as well)

    Ingredients (This went in the pan)
    2 lbs of shrimp
    1 lb of scallops

    ½ stick of butter

    The spices I use are blends, and you can see in one of the pictures what I
    Garlic herb, black pepper and sea salt.
    Himalayan pink salt, black pepper and garlic.

    Garlic onion, black pepper and sea salt.
    I basically added a few shakes to each side as I tossed them in the pan
    to get the seafood covered
    After the noodles were cooked, I put the shrimp and scallops in the
    spring form pan and seasoned and added butter I cut up in chunks.

    I placed the meat rack in low position above the noodles. Air Fried for 12-14
    min at 390 – turning them every 5 min or so.
    You can add the rest of the parm and spinach to the noodles when
    complete. I plated the pasta and the seafood on top of noodles, and tossed some
    scallions and a little fresh parsley on top.


    Eat and enjoy!

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