Let me start off by saying, I did not even touch these delicious apple turnovers in the Nina Foodi. I have been following the Keto lifestyle now for about a month and really trying hard to avoid sugar. Honestly, even if I wanted to try these apple turnovers, they were gone before I would have even had the chance to. My son and husband devoured them for dessert tonight after dinner.


I don’t have many pictures to share of them after. Like I said, gone too fast. These apple turnovers were super simple to make. You can use any pie filling of choice if you want to change them up in the future. I used a (15 oz. can) one large can of biscuits and a little ground cinnamon.

You can use any baking pan you have that fits in your Foodi. I used my two-in-one Springform pan and I love how versatile it is, and it simply never lets me down.

I can’t lie, I really wanted to eat some of these apple turnovers. It took a lot of discipline on my part.

Apple Turnovers in the Ninja Foodi

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Apple Turnovers in the Nina Foodi recipe

Apple Turnovers in the Ninja Foodi


  • 15 oz. can Apple Pie Filling
  • 1 can of Grands biscuits
  • Ground Cinnamon


  • First prepare your 7 inch pan with a light spray of non-stick butter. Cut biscuits in quarters, equaling 4 triangular pieces from one biscuit.
  • Layer the bottom of your pan with the half the biscuits. Add pie filling and spread over biscuits evenly.
  • Sprinkle with a little ground cinnamon.
  • Add remaining biscuits on top of apple pie filling. Lightly brush melted butter on top and a little more ground cinnamon. Set pan on a trivet and lower in Foodi. Set Foodi on Bake 325 degrees for 20-22 minutes. Check at 15 minutes and if need be you can kick down the temperature depending on how brown you like on top. ENJOY!

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