Today I am putting a new twist on eggs! Now that I have been doing the Keto diet for over a week, I am finding more creative ways to make eggs and bake eggs using mason jar lids just made sense. I am a creative person at heart, and cooking is considered an art. Although I have not mastered the art, I do continue to use my creativity in the kitchen and am learning and enjoying each time.

How to bake eggs using mason jar lids in the Ninja Foodi

The Experiment bake eggs using mason jar lids

Because this was an experiment, I didn’t get too fancy making the egg combination. So many ways to add to eggs using protein such as bacon, ham or sausage. Also adding in veggies is wonderful too. I simply beat 4 eggs, added a little bit of lite coconut milk and some pepper.

showing the eggs in mason jars at the bottom of the air fryer

Eggs in Place of Bread

You can even just crack your egg in the mason jar and then have a perfect fried egg sandwich. Instead of using bread, I stacked my two perfect little egg omelets like a sandwich.

Add Fixings

You can add a slice of tomato, avocado, or as mentioned a protein of choice. I used a little tin foil on the bottom wrapped around each mason jar lid. The tin foil wrapped around the lid did work fine and I didn’t have any leakage in the pot. There was some under the foil though. Not much to speak of. 

Air fryer eggs shown with ground basil sprinkled on top

How to bake eggs in a Mason jar lid in the Ninja Foodi


  • 4 mason jar lids (standard size) You can find lids in the grocery store, they sell them usually in a pack of 8
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tbsp lite coconut milk
  • Non-stick butter spray


  • First prepare you mason jar lid being sure the bottom is secure and be sure to wrap some foil around the bottom. I would do both to be sure they don’t leak. Lightly spray the inner lid with non-stick butter spray. Prepare your egg mixture. Use anything you like in your eggs. Even a simply sunny side egg can be done. Place 4 lids in the Ninja Foodi and pour in egg mixture.
  • Set the Ninja Foodi at 325 air crisp for 6-7 minutes. Check half way to see how your eggs are doing.
  • Remove carefully each lid from the Foodi using mitts, the lids are hot. Set to cool for about one minute. Your eggs should slide right out. Make stack-able sandwich adding in between whatever you like. Enjoy and have fun!

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