Hello there friends. Today I am sharing my holiday cooking gift-giving guide with you all.

  I wanted to put together a guide of gift ideas all from creative-independent women sellers/small business owners, of course, Home Pressure Cooking being first on the list. It actually sounds a bit awkward for me to think of myself as an entrepreneur with my own exclusive brand but the truth is, I am and I should own it, be proud, and shout it from the rooftops. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to start your own business. I get so much satisfaction from hearing and connecting with my customers, and in fact, getting to know quite a few of you these past few years.

If you buy from me, Home Pressure Cooking, you can rest assured you will get top-notch customer service and I am always available to help you out in any regard. Keep in mind some of my goods, as the pans, spurtles, and beer can chicken rack are all for regular oven use as well.  With that said, I trust all these brands I am sharing to offer you the same quality and customer service that I provide.

  The LIST

1. Home Pressure Cooking

Carries a variety of Pressure Cooking, Air Fryer and Ninja Foodi accessories, from baking pans, Instant Pot Decorative Covers, Bamboo Spurtles, that are especially useful and great to use on the Ninja Foodi ceramic pot, Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker Cheater Cook time magnets and more!

2. Barbara from Instant PotLuck:

the creator of MAKE IT AND TAKE IT CONTAINERS™. The first time I saw Barbara’s idea, I knew it was such a cute and clever one. No more worries about getting back your containers. Perhaps you simply want to share your soup or chili with a friend, make it, take it, and let them enjoy it! Barbara also carries a few other cute accessories and cooking tools. She offers a 20% off discount when you sign up for her email and free shipping on orders over $50.00.

3. The Quick and Carry bag: 

I first noticed this lovely lady shortly after I started selling my Pressure Cooker Decorative Covers. I love her idea and I am happy to see she is doing well. We can’t avoid impostors or copycats coming on the scene, but when you are a brand, and you work hard, you do prevail. The Quick and Carry comes in all sizes and a Travel bag that is lined, roomy, and easy to tote your pot to any destination. I have seen Instant Pot users take their Pots on vacation. No joke, they really do.

4. Craftivity Designs, LLC

offers handmade recipe cards on Amazon and on her Etsy shop. They are lovely designs and a perfect little extra stocking stuffer for someone special who loves to cook and share his/her recipes. There is a variety of Initials to choose from and all tastefully designed with fresh herbs.

5. Country Life Designs

Has a variety of custom-made flour sack tea towels making it hard to pick my favorite one. I love all things rustic/farmhouse and roosters and she has a variety to choose from.


Flour Sack, Tea Kitchen Towel – Farm Fresh Eggs – Chicken

6. “Don’t be afraid to take whisks” T-shirt.

Comes in a variety of colors and all sizes. I love this simple cute T-shirt. I believe any baker or chef of the house would enjoy it as well.


Don’t Be Afraid to Take Whisks Shirt


7. These designs by A2DCreations

These designs are just darling. Her Tea Towels are sold in a set of three.

Pin it, save it, buy from trustworthy brands this holiday season.


I hope this little holiday cooking gift guide gives you a little head start. Most all these gifts are under $20.00 and created by some amazing women! Enjoy.


If you are interested this holiday season in giving the gift of homemade, I have plenty of ideas for that as well. Check out my Make it, give it mason jar gift-giving ideas HERE.

I have some cute and clever Dollar tree Craft gift giving ideas too!

If the new Ninja Foodi happens to be on your wish list, feel free to join my Ninja Foodi Group. You will certainly learn a lot! Hope to see you there and stay connected.

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