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30-day meal planning in the Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker

Best 30 day Meal planner in the Instant Pot/Pressure cooker

Let’s face it, meal planning can be very stressful. Especially for working moms, and stay-at-home mothers. I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home Mom. That didn’t mean meal planning was a breeze or that I had all the time in the world. Many days were stressful, I would forget to defrost the meat, or didn’t have the butter, or the sauce to make that meal I was planning on. It wasn’t always simple to hop in the car with two toddlers to make that grocery run. They instead wanted playtime, pool time, mommy time, and of course, they had to get in their nap time. Y’all know the drill. You may also enjoy our article on Newbies in distress

Next 30 Days

So for the next 30 days, I am making it simple for everyone. 30 days, 30 meals. I did add in a few extras for you.  You will notice most all my recipes are pretty simple. You don’t need fancy ingredients or spices. Just make your grocery list and pick up the basics to prepare these meals and you will be good to go. I will share everything from Lasagna, taco pie, cheeseburger pie, soups, roasts, meatloaf, chili sides, and desserts. Note: some of my favorite recipes are weight-watchers-friendly. Don’t let that taste fool ya. They are delicious, just not packed full of calories and fat.

Keep in mind, you may want to repeat some of these meals within 30 days. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Besides, you will definitely have a favorite. The cheeseburger pie or Big mac attack is a huge hit, especially with the kids. They will feel like they went to McDonald’s, and beg for more. Also, you may notice some of my recipes are done in the new Ninja Foodi. The recipe remains the same for any pressure cooker brand you may have. A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker, some just have more bells and whistles. Feel free to join my new Ninja Foodi group HERE. A ton of activity and learning going on.


Please see my thumbnails of recipes down below to get you started. All will take you directly to our recipes. Enjoy~~

Enjoy your 30-day meal planning in the Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker

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