How about a little taste of France today in the Ninja Foodi? My husband had the weekend off. Typically he likes to cook one of his days off and he decided to try out the Ninja Foodi for himself. Have at it, but I would love the day off from cooking. All the recipes I share for the Ninja Foodi can certainly be made in any other pressure cooker, just the same. You just don’t have the crisp option all in one pot with other models, so keep that in mind. It is not necessary, but it sure is nice and we are enjoying that feature.

The Ninja Foodi does come with a great little starter cookbook as well. I am really enjoying the recipes so far. Of course, we always tweak them some to make them our own. Our son doesn’t care for mushrooms, so in lieu of the mushrooms, this dish calls for my husband substituted with artichokes. That was a good call on his part and they were quite tasty.

Fact, typically Coq au Vin was made with a rooster! NOOOOO… I love my roosters. At least now it is almost impossible to find an actual rooster to cook with. The poor roos would have to be marinated in wine for a day and then cooked for hours. Let’s stick to chicken!

Boneless Chicken

This dish is typically made with chicken legs quarters, skin on.  We decided on chicken breasts instead. I prefer boneless chicken most of the time. You can use any chicken you like. Even drumsticks would work. For this recipe, you will need Chicken of your choice, bacon, dry red wine, chicken stock, tomato paste, brown sugar, fresh ground black pepper, kosher salt, mushrooms, or artichokes, and frozen pearl onions.

We served it over egg noodles and a side salad. I really felt like I was at a 5-star French restaurant. Of course, we had a glass of red wine to go with it.  From start to finish this dish took about an hour. There was a few steps that took time. But again, it was an enjoyable process and I always like to watch my husband cook. It’s sexy to see a man in the kitchen:).

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Here you can find my Ninja Foodi recipes that I have made so far. I’m loving it!

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Coq au vin in the Ninja Foodi recipe

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