Hello there friends!  What are Spurtles? I want to talk about these amazing Eco-friendly Bamboo kitchen tools for a moment and also gift you some custom kitchen artwork I made to go along with your Spurtle set. Even without the Spurtles, you can enjoy your country kitchen art with us. Simply print, frame, and enjoy!

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What are Spurtles and what do you use them for?   What are Spurtles and what do you use them for?

Spurtles dating back to the 15th century started out life as a spatula-like utensil, used for flipping oatcakes on a griddle. They are unique in the sense each piece is a different size and used for a multitude of reasons. The larger solid piece Spurtle is used to stir porridge, soups, sauce, stews, and broths. Toss your salad with the combined solid pieces and slatted. What are Spurtles and what do you use them for?

Use the smaller Spurtles, which are slightly curved and sexy for spreading icing on a cake, digging inside those peanut butter jars, mayo, and more. They are a very simple, unassuming kitchen tool that will quickly become your go-to for just about everything. You can even flip a burger or an omelet in the skillet.

The Spurtles are also fantastic when using the Instant Pot while in saute mode. Look how nice that rest on top of the Pot. Will fit on top of the 3 Qt. and 6Qt. while stirring and needing to rest. No need to mess up the counters anymore.

What are Spurtles and what do you use them for?

Homemade is Happy! and so are the Spurtles. These make fabulous gifts for a bridal shower, birthday, friend, housewarming, and for whatever special occasion you can think of. I warn you not to lend your set out, you risk never getting them returned. For a beautiful custom look, I recommend printing on card stock paper.

A beautiful addition to your kitchen, and a bonus gift to give to friends and family.

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