Hey there friends! Another wild and crazy experiment in the Instant Pot, Patriotic summer dessert in the Instant Pot…  There isn’t much to the process of this dessert.

You need one-half yellow or white box cake (Duncan Hines is my preference), all the basics that go in the box cake, strawberries, and blue food coloring. For the strawberry rose on top I googled how to make it. Basically, it’s just some thin slices downward starting at the bottom and then lightly pulling it back with the knife. EASY!

patriotic summer dessert in the Instant Pot

The Blue Coloring

As you can see the inner portion of my flower bundlette pan has all these pretty layers. I thought adding the food color and then swirling it around might give the cake a fun tie-dyed look and add a splash of fun and color to it. It worked like a charm.

Hot Out of The Pressure Cooker

This is what the cake looks like after 23 minutes in the mini Instant Pot. Looks like a blob of nothing HA!

Patriotic Summer Dessert

But flip that pretty pan over after about 6-7 minutes of cooling and you have yourself a little masterpiece. I even made a strawberry rose flower for the center. I put cool whip on top, but the cake was still warm so it melted inside. Not a bad thing though, I tell ya, it was amazing!

So moist, and so delicious. Did I mention I was making this cake for a friend? She never did get it. OOPS! Truth be told, I made two. One did go to a friend, and this one didn’t make it to the other friend. There is always tomorrow.

Just in case you were wondering what else you can create and make in this pan, Check out my flower meatloaf post.

I have a variety for you of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and another dessert. I created the pan for use with a 3 Qt. mini Instant Pot. However, it can be used in all-sized pots. You can even stack two pans and make a killer breakfast.

Here you can find all the amazingly sweet treats, breakfast, and more I have made using this 3 cup mini flower pan.

patriotic summer dessert in the Instant Pot

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