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Today I have a yummy, super-duper easy casserole in the instant pot. Instead of a traditional ham and scalloped casserole with the ham leftovers from Easter, I decided to whip out a very old recipe I have had for years. Today I am sharing how to make a pineapple ham, egg casserole in the Instant Pot. Back in the day, I used to work at a physician’s office. It was an oncology practice and through the years I naturally got to know our patients very well. A lot became like close friends and family to us. Naturally, when you see the same faces two to three times a week or month you really get close. We used to swap recipes often.

Thank You, Beverley

This recipe a dear lady by the name of Beverley gave to me around Easter time. Back then I wasn’t such a great cook but I figured how hard could this pineapple puff be? It wasn’t hard at all and it has become a staple recipe year after year around this time. Truth be told, you can make it anytime. It’s somewhat of a side dish, or perhaps even a nice brunch entree with a fruit salad or side salad of choice on the side. It’s somewhat sweet because of the pineapple added. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t dislike it at all. In fact, you will love it and think of me now year after year when you make it.

Pineapple ham puff in the Instant Pot


  • Eggs
  • bread
  • sugar
  • crushed pineapple
  • flour
  • ham (optional)

It is not a necessary ingredient but if you happen to have leftover ham then it is a no-brainer to add to it.

The first step to this recipe is browning your bread in the pot with a little butter. I cut the bread in cubes and brown on both sides. You can have it with crust or without. Your choice.

After your bread is browned on both sides remove it from the pot, wipe the pot clean, and add one cup of water to your Instant Pot. Meanwhile, you mix all the ingredients together being sure your bread is completely saturated.


I have never made anything with an egg base in my pan. I was sure to line the outer bottom with a nice foil lip just in case of leakage. There was very little, but I did have some.


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Instant Pot Ham and Pineapple casserole



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