Instant Pot Corn Pudding Casserole

Good day friends! Welcome to Home Pressure cooking. Today we are sharing a yummy, easy and fabulous side dish to an Easter brunch, Thanksgiving, Christmas side meal, or any special occasion you have upcoming. Instant Pot corn pudding casserole was about the easiest they come. My sister actually made this over Thanksgiving when she was here visiting. I have just gotten around to making it myself and snapping some photos to share with y’all.

This side dish isn’t exactly low fat, however, you can substitute a few things to cut back on calories. For instance, you don’t need the sugar, and you don’t need full-calorie sour cream.

This recipe calls for, cream corn, regular kernel corn (both canned), a jiffy cornbread packet, eggs, milk, butter, and some shredded cheddar cheese which is optional, and I only put some on top of my corn pudding casserole.

I also used no salt cream corn to cut back on our sodium. We are not huge salt people.

This even makes for great leftovers and is fantastic cold, for breakfast:) I know this because I had some the next day.

Instant Pot corn pudding casserole

There wasn’t that much left, trust me.

Few key things I want to mention. FIRST, be sure to wrap the outer bottom of the pan in tin foil.

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This casserole did bake over my pan a bit and it will be a little run down the sides. A quick sudsy soap and my little cleaning tool that comes with my pan did the trick for the pan to clean up nicely.

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The cornbread pudding casserole goes well with any holiday dinner.

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Instant Pot cornbread casserole  


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