Very odd combination indeed. I actually made this soup a few months back and completely forget to share it.

This was a first for me making this Hamburger noodle soup with ginger,  but it won’t be the last. My family enjoyed this soup very much. In fact, so much my husband said next time add more fresh ginger to the pot. I was a bit conservative because I wasn’t sure if the soup would be too pungent and overwhelming with ginger.

Fresh ginger has a lot of health benefits aside from the lovely aroma and flavor. Ginger is an overall popular spice, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

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I have one shot only of my soup. For whatever reason this day I was not taking a ton of photos of the process.

It’s overall a pretty basic soup. You will need lean ground hamburger, fresh ginger root, broccoli, vegetable stock, and ramen noodles. You will find those at your local grocery store in the Asian section. Next time I will add the broccoli last only for a minute. It did get a little mushy and break apart. Still, good nonetheless and some may prefer it this way. Keep that in mind when making this soup.

Print high-resolution recipe for Hamburger ginger soup HERE.

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