This was the straw that broke the camels back! Christmas day I ate bad, very bad. I totally blew my Weight Watchers diet that day. I am back on track though. Today I made a really delicious Tuscan soup that I will be sharing soon. For now, I am going to kill your diet as well with Sugar Cookie Fudge in the Instant Pot

If you missed my chocolate peanut clusters, check those out!

And if you like chocolate covered strawberries, I made these. 🙂

I made this delicious sugar cookie fudge on Christmas Eve. My Mother-in-law helped me, or I should say watched because there really is no help needed. She couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was. Not to mention hardly any clean up. Even though I am a messy cook, there wasn’t much mess to clean.

Only a few ingredients needed: White chocolate morsels, sweetened condensed milk and a sugar cookie dry mix.

I had heart sprinkles and red sugar sprinkles on hand so that is what I used. Christmas ones obviously would have been better.

I cut these into bite size pieces. Trust me, one piece is good, if you can stop at just one. 🙂 That was my problem.

Enjoy your sugar cookie fudge.

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Sugar cookie fudge made using the Instant Pot


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