It is definitely the season of scents! I love the great smelling scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, lavender, and so many more beautiful scented candles. I will be the first to admit though, I have left the house with a burning candle still going. It could have been tragic, for sure. I am much more mindful now, but forgetting to blow out a candle can happen to any one of us. Today I want to share simmering scents of the season in the Instant Pot. Potpourri recipes for the Instant Pot in other words. Recipes such as these have been around for years. They can be done in the crockpot or stovetop. They have been better known as simmering pots. Most of us aren’t using stoves or crockpots much anymore, so why not try it in our Instant Pot that also has the slow cook option. Certainly, a safe and natural alternative to bring in the season. There are so many variations and creative ways to simmer scents in our Instant Pots.

Anyhow, whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is throw a few herbs, spices, and perhaps fruits past their prime and you have the most beautiful smell simmering in your home in no time.

Let’s start with basic spices and things most all of us have:




Whole cloves

Cinnamon sticks

Bay leaves



Vanilla extract

Peppermint extract



Pine cones from your backyard!

These are just to name a few. For adding fruits to the simmer. Limes, Lemons, Apples, Oranges, Cranberries.

Here are some simple Instant Pot Potpourri recipes to start:


Print Christmas Potpourri Scent Recipe

This one has the scent of Christmas all over it. Pine, cranberries, cloves, rosemary just leave you wanting for a blanket and a warm fire cozied up on the couch.


Print Thanksgiving Potpourri Scent Recipe

I smell fall all around on this lovely combination of nutmeg and pumpkin spice.


Print Fall Season Scent Recipe

These are just a few recipes of Instant Pot potpourri.  You obviously can get very creative throughout the year and always have a beautiful new aroma adorning your home. If you are anything like me, you will be simmering up for a while now.  Get creative and think of your own recipes. How cute these would be in a mason jar for the season and a simple little gift of thought for a friend, teacher, or neighbor who you know has the Instant Pot as well.

 Instant Pot Potpourri Scents of the Season Labels For Mason Jars

Print Scents of The Season Floral Lid Labels here

When printing we recommend choosing the highest quality print option 🙂 These will be super pretty for you.

Print Scents of The Season Christmas Lid Labels

My most recent Mason Jar Instant Pot Gift Ideas

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