Weight Watchers Upside-down Apple Pie in the Instant Pot

I really didn’t know what to call this recipe so I sort of winged it and made it up. I am not saying this has never been done before somewhere out there. At my first meeting last week there was a handout of a recipe similar to this. It had flour and cornstarch and things I just didn’t want to mess with. So I made my own variation.

How, Though?

I had a fresh bag of apples on hand and was in the mood for something sweet. I started my Weight Watchers plan last week and have been very diligent to follow the rules and point system. Although, I must confess the new smart point system is sort of tripping me up. What I have learned is that apples and spices are 0 points. That doesn’t mean you should eat 20 apples in the day though to fill you up. I am sure it would equate to lots of sugar in the end. I did not add any sugar at all to this Weight Watcher’s upside-down apple pie.

What you will need:

    • 6 Apples
    • Ground Cinnamon
    • Butter
    • Graham cracker crust
    • Apple spice

Caramel apple bites or you can drizzle caramel sauce on at the end.

Keep in mind, even if you do not have a pressure cooker you can still make this recipe in your oven. As for time, oven temp, etc. You are the judge of that because I obviously did not make it that way. I am sure you will figure it out though:) First, I sliced my apples with my nifty vintage apple peeler. I finally figured out how to use that doodad.

The Crust

It’s really simple and makes the apples just right. For the crust, I used graham cracker crumbs already done for you. You can find those in your baking section at your local grocer. Makes the job a lot easier. I have found Keebler and Honey Maid brands make them. Honey made is less in calories and points. 3 points per 2 1/2 ounces per serving. Weight Watchers upside down apple pie in the Instant Pot

The caramel candy bites are 5 points per 5 pieces. I used a total of 5 pieces to melt on top of the upside-down pie. Hard to figure out the value considering you probably are not even getting one piece of caramel candy per serving. When all was said and done I figured out the points to be 5 smart points per serving. Virtually the only points that are counting are the crust and the caramel pieces. I think I am estimating high on this one just to be on the safe side. I seriously could have eaten the whole pie myself. The pan I used is a 7-inch cheesecake pan.

It’s actually mine that I sell on Amazon and it’s not only perfect for the Instant Pot, but it is great for people like us watching our waste lines. We tend to make our meals and desserts much larger than they need to be.

Weight Watchers Upside-down Apple Pie in the Instant Pot

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Weight Watchers upside down apple pie in the Instant Pot

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